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software marketing secretsLeading today’s social media platforms, at least in the perspective of marketers, Instagram, with 400+ million active users, is undoubtedly one of the best in terms of exposure it could give every business with.

  • In the US alone, there are now 64 million active users (projected to reach 111 million in 2019). It is also the preferred social networking site for teens in the US, blasting Twitter and Facebook.
  • Based on a recent study, millennial users spend at least 420 minutes on IG per month (Com Score 2015, mobile trends report).
  • Forrester Research revealed that IG users were 58 times more likely to share, comment or like a brand’s post than FB users and 120 times more likely than Twitter users.

To cut the long story short, “IG is the best for brands that want to reach out to audiences who are engaging.”

Tips to Rock on Instagram

Build a solid funnel so that you can start with conversions (turning people into subscribers or customers). Use the AIDA model! (Attention, interest, decision, action). Guide them to what you want them to do in the end – like subscribe to your mailing list.

Create a content that converts

For IG, bear in mind two things—value and great design, such as that from Foundr, which provides users with immediate value along with great design. However, make sure both elements are present—provide value while keeping them interested. You can create great pictures with apps like Typorama and WordSwag. Know what kind of content that your audience likes so that you can immediately bring value and make your brand human and down-to-earth.

While you can drive value to the content you post, you may want to create mixed messages for your audience by taking advantage of the CAPTION, which is important in framing your message and give it the context for your audience.

Create a line that people will want to read more. Use the caption to propose a decision for them, whether you want them to leave a comment, tag their friends or like your photo. It is all about asking them to make a decision.

Then, there is the bio link, one of the most important features of Instagram. It is also the only live link you can have on the comments or captions.  Without even saying, make sure that your caption and your bio link work together. For the best results, sell your idea through demonstrating the value that your audience could get if they click the bio link. To create a custom URL, you can use tools like Pretty Link or Bitly.

Following the bio link is the last component of your post, which is your landing page. This is the end of the sales funnel and it is where your audience will complete an action.

Create a fantastic landing page that is also optimized for mobile.  Make the process   easier for your audience and minimize the actions that they have to take; otherwise, they are less likely to follow through. You can prevent the problem by creating a non-cluttered landing page.

On the headline, be sure to tell your audience right away what you are offering them and what they can expect. Now to get the ROI, you should offer something truly valuable, something your audience will love.

Working the IG Network

Social comes first.

Take advantage of the networking opportunities. MAKE YOURSELF A PART OF THE IG COMMUNITY.

Connect with influencers, startups and entrepreneurs. As they say, “Your network is your net worth.”

Comment of their posts—keep these real, and not limited to ‘nice post,’ ‘wow’

Shout influencers out in one of your posts and do it in your caption or in your image. You can also reuse their image if they permitted you to do so.

Content strategies

One that may work is using only one promotional image out of every 10 images. Remember, it is more about giving and not getting in social media. Main reason is that people hate being advertised to.

Get help from your solid network and influencers in promoting your products

This is called the thunder clap wherein multiple influencers could agree on a specific time to promote your offers, exposing your message and brand to the people.

There you have a crash course on ways to maximize Instagram to your advantage and eventually create 10000+ email subscriber list.

Overall, IG holds a great potential to get engagement and create calls to action for your audience. But always remember the best tip “always gives value and make things very easy for your audience.”

Source: Smart Passive Income

digital marketing masteryWhen it comes to B2B marketing, a widening gap between masters of digital marketing and individuals still suffering from a disjointed experience is still obvious, a new survey reveals.

The latest survey conducted by the Stein IAS and Oracle Marketing Cloud analyzed data by comparing 300 middle-sized brands worldwide and found that a mere seven (7) percent mastered B2B marketing.

The study measured the respondents’ level of mastery and discovered a whopping 89 percent that still follows an ineffective digital marketing strategy to harness the benefits offered by the marketing cloud.

The results revealed a segmentation used in a majority of marketing techniques.  While various efforts  are done in order to create excellent content, along with timely distribution, most IT departments still fail at staying in tune with automated marketing campaigns.

Of the respondents, only six percent are considered master modern marketers, while the remaining majority is still in their developmental stages in terms of digital marketing maturity and mastery, even if there are now sophisticated tools.

Three Important Terms

  • Digital master, someone who is a customer-centric and early adopter of marketing practices and technologies
  • Second type of marketer is the digital pragmatist that has learned of mature tech channels and techniques
  • Third type is the digital explorer, a slow adopter of digital techniques and tools

Marketing Technologies Requiring Mastery Even of Basic Knowledge

  • CRM software
  • Content apps
  • Use of brands website
  • Marketing automation
  • Analytics
  • Data platforms

These are the components of a power toolkit for a great ‘connected experience.’ Top findings reveal that only six percent of the surveyed respondents could claim mastery of digital marketing, while the rest is categorized pragmatics based on the report, especially in the United States with 80 per cent of the respondents claiming mastery of the reach and attract development stage in the digital marketing world.

But because of a disconnected customer journey and content challenges, the nurture and convert, and engage and inspire categories are poorly performing. And even if all the respondents surveyed do well in terms of assessment of their technologies and people, lead nurturing and web optimization are still main areas needing attention and improvement.