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Check out 10 creative videos on online advertising.

The internet is a very good area to introduce information about the company and brand awareness among the public thru Banner Advertising.

In the advertising business, the more the viewer clicks on the ad the more there is a chance for a product or services to be sold.

The success and effectiveness of an ad can be measured by click through rate. A click through rate (CTR) can be calculated by dividing ‘the number of users who clicked on the ad’ divided by ‘the number of times the ad has been presented to the user’. The Higher the click through rate, the higher it has been viewed by the users. This implies that, the banners are desirable and the chances for the products or services to be bought are higher.

On banner advertising, it is important to determine what kind of products or services the company is going to advertise in its webpage before making banners. Firms can try to examine buying habits, website visits, and then use the internet to build a company image. These provide good knowledge on what kinds of ads they should make, depending on the target group the company chose to sell its products to.

It is recommended to try different ad formats, colors, sizes, timing and to place banner ads in different places like mobile ads, search engines, social media pages, in-games, etc. and then observe how users react to it before deciding on what kind of banners should be used to come up with better ads than what you might already have or what you might want to use in the future.

By placing banner ads in different places, it can gain brand awareness and could lead to high click through rates.

Being exposed to different campaign ideas could give you some good points on how to go about with your ads in the future. Here are some of the most effective and up-to-date ways that can enhance the company’s Ads performance as a media seller, and that could provide high click through rates for its customer ads.

This collection of videos all demonstrate different ways to use the web for marketing purposes.

1. Ikea
The Website that’s also a banner. “Make the most of ANY space”.

2. Nissan’s House Hunter Test Drive.
Find a new home and test-drive a Nissan in just one click!

3. Cadbury Dairy Milk.
To say thank you to the 1 Million people who have liked Cadbury Dairy Milk on Facebook, the company combined their product and a ‘thumbs up’ gesture that Facebook fans understood and created a giant chocolate thumbs up, built live over a 2-day-stream.

4. The First Commercial on Twitter
The ad was composed of 140-character tweets, which created the image of an animated car moving through the city.

5. Acura Banner Ad on
The background music sounds pretty cool and the ad itself is just super cool, need I say more?

6. A Mac-Pc Banner Ad by Apple (U.K.)

7. Apple’s “Get a Mac” Banner
“Leopard is better and faster than Vista” on The New York Times Webpage. Just Clever!

8. Stride’s Ridiculously Long-Lasting Banner Ad
Stride and agency JWT played on the gum’s “ridiculously long-lasting” claim with this ad. Epic!

9.Ikea’s “Unbox the Banner”- DIY
To promote Ikea’s discounted products and get the people to visit their online store, they used the online medium for an experience people usually have online: Get a good deal by assembling it yourself!

10. Met Life Banner Ad
“Help Schroeder with his Big Performance”, Met Life’s “I can do this” carried into effect! Just awesome!

I hope you liked them. Please comment your thoughts below.

videomarketingI just read a great article by Julie Perry on video marketing or more precisely Youtube marketing.

Video Marketing

Are you marketing your software via video. You should. And naturally you should be on the biggest video sharing site of all – youtube.

Julie Perry has written an interesting article filled with tips on how to effectively market via Youtube. Thanks Julie, we will be designing our own channel soon 😉

I recommend you go check the article out, but here’s a quick summary of my takeaways…

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19th of July ClickZ is holding a conference on Online Video Advertising in NYC, NY.

It’s targeting Online Marketers, SEO/SEM Professionals, Media planners/Buyers and E-commerce managers among many others.

It should come as no surprise that this Conference is held now. It was just a few months ago when Nielsen released the interesting findings on Online Video Advertising. Nielsen/Netratings are of course also present.

Some interesting parts are ” Strategy: Determining if video should become a part of an interactive marketing and advertising strategy” and ” Online Video Advertising: The Future”.

Software Marketing Secrets will unfortunately not attend, although it would have been exciting.

Until next time 😉

Peter – Software Marketing Secrets

Dr. Smith

Are you interested in moving your suspects to prospects?

SoftwareCasa Online Software Reseller is partnering with an Online Video Ad Production Company.

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Online Video AdvertisingI am normally asked to try out a couple of software products every week. Between writing this blog, marketing software for, consulting Software Publishers and running about 30 other marketing related websites you can understand that I am hesitant to download, install and run new software.

To say that the average B2B software buyer is in a similar situation – equally pressed for time is an understatement. So how do you help him forward through the sales cycle?

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