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Software launches can be a scary business…

I am just in the works of launching a new software title. Can’t reveal much at the time but below you can read some of the marketing material or head over to the launch site and check it out.

I have to tell you something, but I don’t have much time…

Something strange has happened here. I started experimenting with Snagit and I discovered something. Something horrifying I cannot fully comprehend or even begin to explain. And I am afraid my time is running out.

I will try to get more information to you shortly, but I think they are watching me…

I am scared, very scared.

I warned you but look for yourself if you dare…

Software Marketing DirectoryWe have added a lot of new links to our Software Marketing Directory.

But it is in no way complete and I would appreciate any suggestions to great software marketing resources online. It doesn’t necessarily need to be directly connected, just a resource that you as a software marketer has great use for.

If you have suggestions you can post them in the comments area at the bottom of this page or in the Software Marketing Directory section.

Check out the Software Marketing Directory

For you waiting for the articles about software branding, I am sorry that they have been delayed. I am writing on a few of them but as I want to have a high quality it takes time (in between all other work).

All the best,

Peter – Software Marketing Secrets

Vista Campaign Keywords

Microsoft’s new operating system Vista was launched last week. According to an article in Advertising Age Microsoft is going to inject US$ 500 million in marketing in 20 countries. This amounts to a whopping 6.6 billion impressions over the coming year. This makes it one of the largest Software Marketing campaigns in history.

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SoftwareCasa/Software Marketing Secrets has been chosen as a Beta tester for Google Website Optimizer.

Google Website Optimizer

We have always been fanatical testers and during the fall of 2006 SoftwareCasa performed around 14 split tests of landing/ software product pages that increased conversion rates substantially.

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